Do you offer wholesale or bulk discounts?

Yes! We offer significant discounts on climbing hold orders over $300. If you're a climbing gym, school, non profit, military unit, or just a super nice person - simply submit this form for a current wholesale price list. Discounts do not apply to shipping, crash pads, hardware, bulk packages, starter kits, sale items or accessories.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes!  VooDoo Climbing ships worldwide.  However, web orders are currently only possible for U.S. customers.  Please contact us with a list of your desired products and your compete shipping address for a shipping quote and payment options.

Do your holds come with bolts?

All website hold orders ship with the necessary hardware for mounting, whether it's bolts or screws.

Do all of your holds come with the "Pure Base" backing?

No, our smaller holds no longer feature our Pure Base backing. We discontinued pouring our smaller holds with our Pure Base backing so the holds have more material behind the washer and are more on the rigid side, besides smaller holds don't spin or chip as much.

Will you help me choose climbing holds?

Yes! Contact us with your project details. We'll put together packages or suggest climbing hold sets that will work for you. We know climbing holds and we're happy to help.

Do you make climbing holds in custom colors?

We can pour your climbing holds in a variety of custom colors, just let us know what you need. There is 10% surcharge on custom color orders. Contact us to order custom color holds.

Do you sponsor events or individuals?

On average we receive 5-10 sponsorship requests per week. Unfortunately it’s impossible to fill all of these requests. We are a small two person operation working of a tiny shop in Flagstaff, AZ. Everything we give away comes directly out of our pockets. We don’t have big retail accounts or a huge market share; in fact we mostly sell our products by word of mouth directly to the end user. Being a Little Guy in an industry of Giants is tough, especially when it comes to advertising and event sponsorship. If we are unable to fill your request we hope that you don’t take it personally - step into our shoes for a moment - it’s just impossible for us to stay in business if we give away product for every event. Please see "What are the guidelines for Sponsorship Requests"

What are the guidelines for sponsorship requests?

We give serious consideration and priority to companies that have purchased over $500 worth of VooDoo product during the calendar year the sponsorship request is made. No Phone calls. We only take sponsorship requests by US Mail - Include your organization / company name, contact info and web site. We do not sponsor events by sending climbing holds, crash pads or cash. We only take requests that have been submitted at least 60 days before the event – no exceptions. This helps us decide who gets what and when and gives us time to plan and figure out if we can personally attend your event. If your event will have a tee shirt printed we expect to have our Logo included on the tee shirt and a link to on your event website. We do not sponsor individuals with free gear. We do offer a significant discount on VooDoo gear. If you are interested in joining our climbing team please submit your resume by US Mail.

What is the VooDoo Warranty Policy?

Our products are warranted to the original purchaser to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of thirty days from the date of purchase.

This warranty does not apply to products that break due to, normal wear and tear, overuse, damage caused by accident, over tightening, improper care, negligence, or the natural breakdown of colors and materials over extended time and use. Misuse or alteration of any product voids this warranty. If a product fails due to a manufacturing defect, we will replace it at our discretion. VooDoo Holds, Inc. makes no other warranty, expressed or implied. For warranty evaluation, your product must be returned with Return Authorization # directly to VooDoo Holds, contact us for your RA # and shipping details. All shipping to Warranty must be pre-paid and insured. VooDoo cannot be liable for lost in-bound packages. All products accepted for repair / warranty must be clean. Charges will be assessed if cleaning is necessary.

One point of caution is that you must not over tighten your holds. Unlike polyester resin (the majority of climbing hold manufacturers still use the weaker and brittle polyester resin) urethanes generally won't snap in half if you over tighten them. The plastic under the washer just keeps compressing as long as you tighten the bolt, until you compress it far enough that it fails when someone is pulling on it. This is true of all urethane holds. The worst case is the endlessly spinning hold - one that you can't seem to tighten enough to keep from spinning. Rather than tightening the bolt too much and damaging the hold, just use a set screw either through the offending hold (drill a pilot hole, or use a self-tapping screw to avoid damaging the hold), or just underneath the edge as a stop.

How should I store my crash pad?

Store your pad in a cool dry place in the open position.

The most important thing you can do to prolong the life of your pad is to store the pad in the open position. The fold in the pad will crush the foam over time and will form a center trough and the closed cell foam layers will form folds that will become permanent if stored in the folded position.

If your pad gets wet, be sure to dry it thoroughly. Foam will hold large amounts of moisture and can grow mold and mildew fairly quickly if not allowed to dry properly.

How should I clean my crash pad?

Cleaning small spots and spills can be done effectively with automotive upholstery cleaner. If your pad has developed a strong stench you may want to remove the foam, cinch up the buckles and hand wash the entire shell. If you find the odor is coming from the foam try carefully washing the foam with a mild soap and cool water – be sure to let the foam dry completely before placing the foam back into your shell. We do sell replacement foam if you ever need it.

What if I rip, tear or burn my crash pad?

Small rips, tears, or burns can be patched with iron on patches. Be sure to slide in several pieces of cardboard or other material to protect the foam from the heat of the iron. BE CAREFUL NOT TO MELT THE FABRIC.

Larger damage may be patched by removing the foam and sewing on a patch. Your local seamstress may be able to help or contact us and we’ll refer you to our favorite local repair shop.The cost of non-warranty repairs varies from one repair to another, depending on the cost of the materials and length of time it takes to do the repair.

Please give us a call at 928-527-0406 or send us an email for more information on shell repair.

I have a broken/missing crash pad buckle. Can it be replaced?

If your buckle is broken or misplaced we would be happy to send you a new one. You may contact us by calling 928-527-0406 or email please provide your name and address, along with a description of the buckle, including the width of the strap the buckle is attached to, in inches.

What do crash pad repairs cost?

The cost of non-warranty repairs varies from one repair to another, depending on the cost of the materials and length of time it takes to do the repair. We have a great third party repair service - please contact us for details.