We are a homegrown business powered by long hours and a passion for climbing. Marketing consists of a smile, a laugh and a handshake. Our customers are often our friends. Voodoo isn't about getting rich, it's about creating and sustaining an awesome product. It's this grassroots mentality that defines us. We know from experience that the climbing life is an intoxicating mix of laughter, hard work and friendship. We understand what climbers want and need in climbing holds and gear. We keep that in mind when we design, sew and sculpt.

What began as garage hobby has blossomed into a dream, a lifestyle and a business. In 1992, Frank Cornelius quit a career in mechanical engineering to begin manufacturing climbing holds full time. He tinkered with the process to develop Voodoo's signature Pure Base Technology and environmentally responsible holds. He found inspiration from years of climbing in California. Via word of mouth, Voodoo's reputation for uniqueness and quality spread through gyms and garages across the country. In 2000, Frank was running Voodoo out of a small warehouse in San Diego. The company had reached a critical juncture. It needed direction. After seeing his passion develop into a viable business, Frank considered walking away. "I couldn't do everything at once. It was getting to the point where the company had to move forward or I had to do something else.” Gina Richer leapt at the opportunity to help with the company. The first order of business was a change of venue. The couple packed up and left So Cal's congested freeways and sprawling cities for Flagstaff, Arizona and a slower pace of life. Meanwhile, the demand for VooDoo products grew steadily. Voodoo was moving into a bigger work space and a bigger market. Growing pains were inevitable. A small business is always an adventure and the Flagstaff years have been marked by ups and downs. Concerned that expansion had affected quality, VooDoo scaled back in 2006 in order to maintain complete control over the manufacturing process. In the end, making awesome holds and stellar bouldering gear is more important than leading the market in units sold.

These days VooDoo Climbing is owned and operated by Gina in Flagstaff, AZ. VooDoo Climbing holds are manufactured in Salt Lake City, UT by Proxy Production. Deidre makes all VooDoo Crash Pads, chalk bags, dog beds and gear bags in Winslow, AZ. Pierce & Wilene make chalk bags, gear bags and many of our prototypes in Tucson, AZ. Occasionally, we even get a little support from our Jack Russell terriers, Red and Sue, it's exactly where we want to be. Voodoo has weathered the storm. VooDoo's climbing holds, crash pads and unapologetic style are here to stay.