Welcome to VooDoo Climbing


VooDoo has been making the finest climbing holds and crash pads since 1993. VooDoo revolutionized the climbing hold industry in the early 90's by inventing Hollow Back holds, Dual Texture Holds, sliding bolts, Pure Base Technology and by being one of the very first companies to pour holds exclusively in Polyurethane. VooDoo is known for making awesome grips. There are VooDoo Climbing Holds that are over 20 years old on climbing walls all over the world! 

VooDoo began making bouldering crash pads in the 90's and brought them to market in 2000. Our pads are constructed with the highest quality foam, fabrics and hardware. Our crash pads are beautiful works of Velvet Art. They're great for lounging and they are the best crash pads to land on - firm yet cushy, there is nothing else like it. 

What's new at VooDoo? We have fallen in love with the practice of Yoga! That's right, Yoga! A few years ago we made a Yoga Tee inspired by Gina's Yoga Teacher and Mexican Loteria Cards, we have expanded the line by making Yoga Mat Holders, more tees, Tote Bags and other accessories. Keep checking in to watch the VooDoo Yogi line grow.

Every member of the VooDoo Team is based in the United States. Each highly skilled artist, craftsman/craftswoman take enormous pride in their work. Proxy makes our climbing holds in Salt Lake City, UT. Deidre sews our Dude Indoor Crash Pads, Highball Crash Pads, Gear Bags, and Dog Beds in Winslow, AZ. Mary sews our gear bags in Flagstaff, AZ. Pierce & Wilene make just about every sewn product and our prototypes in Tucson, AZ. Julia at Lucky Dog Tees prints our unique, super soft  tees in Flagstaff, AZ. Zak Farmer manages Climbing Hold sales from his home office in Bend, OR. Gina Goegan joins our Flagstaff team as Sales Manager for our tees, gear bags and other fun stuff! Gina Richer owns/operates VooDoo from her workshop in Flagstaff, AZ.

We insist VooDoo products be beautiful and durable without causing harm to others. We hope you enjoy our gear as much as we do. Thank you for your support.