Revolutionizing the climbing hold industry since 1993

The original environmentally responsible climbing hold

VooDoo made the switch to polyurethane in the early 90's while many hold manufacturers continued using polyester resins or low-grade urethanes which tend to be brittle and have poor wear resistance. While it was an expensive choice, we wanted a safer climbing hold for the buyer and the manufacturer. VooDoo combined a complex blend of organic polymers, elastomers, and natural aggregates to produce the most resilient and wear resistant climbing holds in the world. Take a look at your local climbing gym, it's common to find VooDoo Holds still in use that are over 20 years old!

Dual Texture Holds

  • VooDoo was the first to create dual texture holds. The slick texture forces the climber to use the textured gripping surface on the hold which requires more accuracy. Dual texture holds are many course setters’ favorites because they make it difficult to cheat a move.

Hollow Back Holds

  • VooDoo revolutionized the climbing hold industry by inventing the hollow back hold. Our hollow back technology makes climbing holds lighter in weight and easier to handle while setting routes. By using less material we keep the cost of the hold and shipping down.

Sliding Bolts

  • With a sliding bolt there are more options to use existing t nut locations, allowing you to slide the bolt where you need it. Two attachment points make it so the bigger holds can’t spin