VooDoo Products are handmade, unique and built to last. We choose to source the highest quality materials we can find. Sure, there are cheaper alternatives but cheaper is not always better. We insist that all of our gear look good, feel good and last longer than anything on the market. We pay close attention to every detail, insisting on quality from our bomber Ballistic Nylon, fun fabrics, zippers, Velcro, webbing, labels, foam and urethanes. All of our products have been put through intense scrutiny and testing before they make the cut. We test and create many prototypes and patterns to get our gear just right, we are putting ourselves out there and we are proud to put a VooDoo label on it.

Gina is the owner, manager and main designer at VooDoo. She couldn't do all of this VooDoo without a brilliant team. Each member of the VooDoo Team is a highly skilled craftsmen/woman who take enormous pride in their work.

Meet the VooDoo Team...


VooDoo Crash Pads & Bouldering Gear:

Wilene sews all of the VooDoo Totes, chalk bags, chalk buckets, custom orders and several of our limited edition gear bags.

Pierce assists Wilene in cutting, sewing and prep work, in his spare time he creates accessory bags out of our scrap fabrics.

Jason and his team sew all of our Bouldering Crash Pads, Dude Crash pads, Yoga Bags, Haul bags, and select limited edition gear.

VooDoo Climbing Holds:

Frank Cornelius created VooDoo Climbing holds in his tiny San Diego, Ca Garage back in 1993.

Louie Anderson

Rob Mulligan

Tyson Atwell

Tony Reynaldo

Jason Henrie

Proxy Hold Production


VooDoo Chalk Bags, Handmade by Wilene

VooDoo Chalk Bags, Handmade by Wilene